Below the towers of the citadel, Seems someone overlooked the cost. Forgotten soldier of paradise, now paradise is lost. – Duran Duran, The Edge of America, 1988

A new job, finals week, and looking after a void interrupted my regularly scheduled programming. I’m not going to try and cover everything, but I hope I remember most things I wanted to mention.

2022 Mar 27

It’s mostly music this time… and I’m going to be brief…

  • I started an awesome new job as a Principal Engineer at a Cellular IoT startup - the culmination of months, if not years, of careful effort - I’m not going to mention them here by name as I like to keep things separated - at least a bit
  • Night Club (the band) played an incredible show in Seattle - best concert I’ve ever been to
  • Massive Ego (the band) broke up - so sad - seemed like things were just taking off for the them
  • The Pet Shop Boys and Soft Cell put out a new song that is lovely and heartbreaking with echoes of 1987’s “Always on My Mind” permeating the soundscape
  • Communion After Dark, which I just started following last year, celebrated 14 years of surfacing delicious dark tunes
  • I’m still at VRChat “Visitor” level, but I finally got back to Sinister Saturday yesterday after a few week absence due to new job, finals, void sitting. It is so good to be back. So wonderful to see new friends again.

Next week should see a return to longer form writing and some engineering stuff. For now, this is what there is.

P.S. And now I just learned Duran Duran put together a new video for Edge of America just a few years ago. Here it is.