Some of the things that have been shared with me or caught my attention in the last week or so. A nice balance of engineering and non-engineering this week.


I cannae change the laws of physics!


Software Engineering at Scale

  • Moving Calm to Microservices Breaking up the monolith that used to serve the company but is now holding them back. I’ve been reading a lot about various companies’ microservices refactors as they move from slap-it-all-together-to-get-series-A to something that can scale with product-market fit.
  • 12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory (2016) Technical debt and architecture and system level thinking are neglected to build yet-another shiny thing the actual customers might not have actually asked for.
  • Hapi V17 Upgrade Guide - Your Move to Async Await the shipping label service I helped launch is built on Hapi and I remember our early discussions about async-await. Bookmarking this for future reference… and this one too - updating to v20

Staff Engineering Career Advice

Not Engineering

Here there be monsters

Wolfing Around with Animaze

Music, Professor!


Furry Fight!

Star Trekkin’

See you next week with more!