A sampling of some the things (engineering and non-engineering) that have been shared with me or caught my attention in the last week or so. I’m going to try to post a post like this frequently.

  • Are we punishing our top performers? | LeadDev The opening paragraph sums it up well: “Have you ever noticed that being good at your job can feel like winning a pie-eating contest where the prize for winning is more pie?” And some pies are more to my liking than others.

  • How “Engineering-Driven” Leads to “Engineering-Supremacy” – charity.wtf I always love Charity’s well thought out posts and this is no exception. It’s a Jeremiad of sorts on the danger of engineering for engineering’s sake without balancing it with product strategy.

  • Soviet Military Mapping During the Cold War, the Soviet Union generated detailed maps of the United States (apparently sometimes by walking around and taking notes of building heights and things) - I’ve added this atlas / history of them to my wishlist.

  • Normalization of deviance Why I’ve always encouraged new hires to speak up if something seems odd - chances are it is.

  • The Tyranny of Structurelessness The dangers of shadow hierarchies and celebrity worship when explicit hierarchy is avoided, and how lack of formal structure can work for small projects but undermine getting large things done.

See you next week with more!