“A Question of Time” was Depeche Mode’s seventeenth UK single, released on 11 August 1986. - Wikipedia

Here’s a look back at what 2021 brought and a look forward at my intentions for 2022.

First, 2021…

At the beginning of the year, I got Moderna’d. Hard to believe it was that recent. At work I started on a new project with Bluetooth and IoT hardware that helped with course correcting back to more hardware and electrical engineering work At UW, I continued working on my masters, kicking off a quarter with an AWS and Azure based IoT class that I really loved - possibly the high point of my coursework. Getting out of pure software work and back to my hybird hardware-software roots was and continues to be my top priority.

I fell in love with Beastars and fell further down the furry rabbit hole. BNA (Brand New Animal) added to the mix as did new comics like Stray Dogs.

Fox-Kitty got a Vespa in the spring and we started riding together. A few weeks after that, I got my beloved LiveWire electric motorcycle - truly the most wonderful bike I’ve ever owned. I love it so much and it has a lot of fun IoT bits too.

June was SummerCon - the first big event since the pandemic started. It was awesome to meet Katie Sackhoff (Starbuck) face to face. And we traded in both our cars for a Ford Mustang Mach-E electric, that we love. It was fun later in the summer to take “Pretty Pony” to the Wild Horse Wind Farm and charge her from the wind.

I got a lot of motorcycling in over the summer - the LiveWire has reignited that passion. I glued some braids to my helmet that I love long before I learned what cyberlox are.

August was a trip to Vegas - which involved running back and forth between the pool and the hotel room to avoid catching anything from anyone - but it was fun nonetheless. We enjoyed our first Star Trek convention there as well and got to meet almost all our favorite actors from Star Trek: Discovery.

August brought Gingitsune onto my radar - another furry anime I love.

My last year of my masters started in September, with a twist - the wireless communications classes I expected to capstone my degree with were cancelled and I had to switch to Acoustics instead. I’ll make it work for my ambitions.

I got my panda-wolf fursona drawn for the first time this year, and my niece created the lovely stickers for “PandamusRex” that you see here shortly thereafter - spiked collar and all.

October brought the UW Dawg Dash (with my crazy but beloved Husky, Ashy, now 2 years old), wrapping up the Bluetooth project at work and Fox-Kitty swapping the older Vespa for a new scooter with up-to-date safety features.

November brought blue-black hair, and I love it so much. Never had such long hair. It (the length) is one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic. November also brought AnthroNW - my first furry convention - which I loved going to so much. So happy. I have a proper tail now, UWU. I also started painting my nails for the first time (mostly black, sometimes dark blue) which ended decades of nail biting OVERNIGHT.

I’ve always preferred black clothing but this year I’ve really upped the ante and I’m deeply reconnecting to my inner goth again (see spiked collar above) and caring 1000% less about what others might think. So, now more of an outer goth. (With the love for Depeche Mode as a foundation, who would have guessed, right?) So it was no surprise that December also brought dark eye makeup that I’ve done most days since then. Pencils and liners and foundation, oh my!

At some point along the way this year, being non-binary really clicked for me - the culmination of years of lusting after clothing options across the aisle and renouncing rigid gender roles prescribed by various people over the years. I feel so much freer now.

Health wise, I didn’t gain (or lose) any weight, but I’m still heavier than I want. Legs are still weak from so much sitting for my work. Starting to do squats again at the end of the year and I really need to regain the discipline I used to have. Learning industrial dance should help with that too.

Oh, and I fell in love with RuPaul’s Drag Race at the end of the year. I wonder why. :) Mostly cheering for the black and goth looks and taking notes on makeup.

So that’s 2021. What are my intentions for 2022?…

  • Finish my MSEE at UW
  • Do more IoT hardware / software work
  • More daily exercise
  • Start spending more face-to-face with people
  • Go to some goth dance events and get better at industrial dance
  • Lean into non-binary-ness more
  • Ride a ton with Fox-Kitty - get a three wheel endorsement too
  • Bring PandamusRex to life with a partial fursuit
  • Moar furry conventions
  • Pay off some debt
  • Take more photos, blog more and record more videos

Ooof. That’s a list. Better get crackin’!