Let’s take a brief diversion from all things engineering and wireless and embedded and mobile to talk about something else close to my heart.

Family and close friends and co-workers already know me as “Panda” - the nickname came from Tae Kwon Do classes we did as a family that roughly coincided with release of the first few Kung Fu Panda movies - and because I was a bit slow and clumsy in Tae Kwon Do. Pandas are also believed to be fairly safe and cuddly and non threatening (which isn’t actually accurate) and I’ve been perceived that way as well (more accurate.) More recently, my work on bringing GDPR (European Privacy Law) features to our Internet connected hosts earned me the work nickname of “Privacy Panda” and even a meme:

And then there are wolves - I’ve been obsessed with wolves even longer (which is part of the reason why we had a Malamute and now a Husky). And I do cheer for the wolf or werewolf in movies (even when they are the villain.) So I’ve been thrilled to see recent movies like “The Wolf of Snow Hollow” (2020) and “Werewolves Within” (2021) and I also love characters like the black dog “Rex” from “Babe” (1995). Anime gets into the act too with Legoshi the wolf in “BEASTARS” and Shirou - the wolf beastman in “Brand New Animal.”

So, that brings us to Pandamus Rex - Panda from Panda and Rex from Babe - an alchemy of me - safe and non threatening and trying to be more beastly at the same time.

With all that anthropomorphism in play above, is it no wonder I am a furry?

And that means I wanted to bring my half Panda half Wolf character to life (there is even a Corvid in there somewhere, but that’s another post for another day.)

So I commissioned a piece of art for the first time ever, by the talented angiewolf - to whom I gave full artistic license to bring a “sport-bike loving wolf with panda markings” to life. And they did so so very well. Without further ado, meet Pandamus Rex, my not-so-alter ego: