Activated! OK, so here’s what happened since Part 1. I took it to my dealer, Emerald City Harley in Lynnwood, Washington and repeated what the H-D support engineer said - that the TCU and cellular needed to be activated on the bike - five minutes later and that was done and I was able to get past the “There appears to be a problem…” screen on the activation website.

In the parking lot I now saw (on my iPhone using Safari - and that turns out to be a problem too - stay tuned):

I tapped on Yes, This is My Bike and got to step 2 of 3 - where it asked me to verify my location:

I then got to the Terms of Service page, which requires you to scroll to the bottom of the terms before it will let you accept them (LOL):

Now that is where things got a little odd. After tapping on “Complete Sign Up” the button would gray out and then after a few seconds the whole page would reload as if I didn’t accept the terms. I did it again and still no dice.

But I’m also an iOS engineer and I know that mobile Safari can be a stickler when it comes to cookies and cross domain things and such. I suspected it was mobile Safari gumming up the works and sure enough, after switching to Chrome for iPhone all was well and I was able to get to the next page:

Shouted thanks are the best thanks 🙂

I waited a minute or two for the email but none came, so I hopped on the bike and rode home to finish this there. Still no email when I got to home, but the H-D app was showing something different now:

Yay! I tapped the Activate H-D connect button, which led to this:

I had to look up what was flash-to-pass and then I tapped the Begin Activation button. I think I forgot to grab a screen here - it had me turn on the bike, hold the flash-to-pass for at least five seconds, and then start the bike. I did this all in my garage which has not great but not terrible cell coverage. After I did that I got this:

And then, five minutes later, sad trombone, this:

I tapped Retry to try again and got the same result. I called H-D and got the same wonderful support engineer I had before. She verified that the H-D Connect was activated even though the app didn’t think so. She wasn’t sure why the app didn’t think it was activated. I do iOS engineering for a living so I suspected the application might be caching state (and not showing fetches in progress) so I exited and restarted the app and while I was still on the phone. A minute or so later I noticed the screen suddenly reported activation complete!

I’ll post Part 3 to show what I see after my next ride 🙂 Hopefully this helps any of y’all having trouble connecting H-D Connect!