I’m in the process of setting up H-D Connect on my new LiveWire. It’s a cool service that uses a cellular connection directly to the motorcycle to retrieve motorcycle status (like how much longer until the battery is charged), tamper alerts (like it the motorcycle is being jostled) and service-needed notifications.

The service was available on a wide variety of bikes, both gas powered and LiveWires, but Harley ended it for all but LiveWires. Not all dealerships are aware that the service is still very much alive and supported for LiveWires.

I went to sign up, but the sign-up website wouldn’t accept my VIN:

I called Customer Service this morning and learned why. Looks like my bike missed a “pre-delivery” step and the “TCU” was not activated. I’ll swing by my dealer today to have them use “Tech Link 3” to “activate the TCU and cellular”

I was excited to learn a new LiveWire acronym 🙂 TCU stands for “Telematics Control Unit” - it’s made by Panasonic Automotive and you can learn more about it in this press release from 2019 - it uses a 3G, 4G or LTE connection to the bike.

In a future update, we’ll all find out what happens next 🙂