I was excited to start setting up the Z-Wave bridge. That excitement has dimmed. I’m got the device in the mail, whipped out the installation instructions, plugged it into my Pi and…

The first step was to run a curl command to a http site and pipe it to sudo bash. Eeek.

I mean I know people joke that the “S” in IoT is for “Security” but this wasn’t funny.

I’d never ever do such a thing on a device and trust that device again. I proceeded against my better judgement to see how far the rabbit hole went. (I’ve since disconnected the Pi from the Ethernet and will reflash it soon.)

The next red flag was that although installing the bridge plugin went smoothly, the iOS Home app warned me that the bridge was not certified. Strike two.

I was about to try adding a Z-Wave device to the bridge when I just stopped. I was not going to trust this with access to my home’s devices.

Maybe I can write a bridge for this Pi peripheral myself and now I am curious about what Apple requires for certification:)

Till next time…