“Getting Past the Thatcherization” 

It’s how I once felt about London; still feel about it when I get past the Thatcherization, the wannabe-American ‘build-a-minimall fill-it-with-chain-stores’ ethic that has wrecked so many of the city’s hamlets and high streets.’

Finding North, George Michelsen Foy

It make me frustrated too to travel thousands of miles to faraway places just to find the same things I left behind. But, that said, in a pinch a Starbucks often helps me regain my bearings. C’est la vie.

Veneration Mass with Relic of St. Jude

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April 2, 2016 – a bone from the forearm of St. Jude is in the silver case in the foreground as communion is prepared.  A first class relic, touching our wedding bands to the relic means they are now 3rd class relics.  At St. Michael the Archangel in Snohomish, Washington.

Shake the Disease

What madness lately. A head cold bad enough to prompt me to present ID to buy Sudafed, followed by a root canal, followed by pulling a muscle in my lower back so badly that I could barely walk for three days. And all I was doing was getting dressed. 

The last one is most likely due to a very weak core from too much sitting, sitting too long without a break, working while sitting on a couch, and limited exercise.  And that’s because I crave “Likes” and attaboys and I get that mostly from work. 

I need to break that addiction pronto.  Before it kills me.

And the back ache also has roots in my nervous tension. This isn’t the first time my back has thrown a fit. I need to let go of the need to be in control. My anxieties are eating me alive.