Your Histrionics Undermined Your Case

Initiative 594 is on the ballot and would extend when background checks are required by law for gun transfers in Washington State. I wanted to read the proposed law and the arguments for and against and then make up my mind.

I was disappointed but not surprised that the Against Statement was full of fear and half truths. That sex offenders would be released from jail to make room for family firearm transfer violations. That criminals are not deterred by laws. That even police would be prosecuted for loaning a gun to a fellow officer.

But when I read the voters guide details on the initiative, these arguments didn’t hold water. They came across as sensational fearmongering tripe.

I’m a gun owner but before this initiative hit the ballot I was kinda on the fence about expanded background checks. At this point though, if histrionics is the best the Against side can do, that says to me that this may very well be a good law that could take the responsibility expected of gun owners in this state up a few notches.

They are deadly weapons after all. This isn’t about loaning someone your camera or fishing rod.




It was sunny today. Ideally I would have gone to walk + jog around the lake at the warmest time of the day, but I didn’t and was stuck with “leftovers” – right at sunset.

I’m going to work at that. I’m going to try again to not fill up my day with a million things to do and leave leftovers for self-care. 

But at least I did this.